DotNetInvoice Roadmap


With the release of DotNetInvoice version 2.6, we realized that a sketch of what to expect in the future could serve as a guide without the strangling effect it might have on a larger software company.

In other words, treat this document as our best forecast of high - level changes to DotNetInvoice over the coming years, but it is by no means set in stone and will be updated throughout the year as business and technical changes warrant

We plan to release 1-2 new versions per year; more and our customers feel like they are constantly upgrading. Less and the software begins to grow stale.

Here are some key points that we plan to implement in the coming year (and beyond), in approximate order of implementation. Priorities were established based on surveys sent to our current and potential customers:

  • A C#version (implemented in v2.5)
  • An API for.NET Developers (implemented in v2.6)
  • More control over recurring billing (implemented in v2.6)
  • QuickBooks integration (implemented in v2.7)
  • A Simple Checkout Page where a customer can choose a service and DNI will automatically create a one - time or recurring invoice for the customer (slated for v3.0)
  • API Web Service wrapper (slated for v3.0)
  • Variable Recurring Billing (slated for v3.0)
  • Quotes (slated for v3.0)

We are excited about the future direction of DotNetInvoice, and hope you 'll stick around.

Rob, Jeremy & the DotNetInvoice Team

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